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Kosmologically Influenced are healing essences  for our health and for our beauty created and inspired by  the subtle relationship between the ancient science, and modern psychological aspects of astrology, and its understanding of the human body, psyche, and spirit.  Each product is designed  to create a balance with the cycles and rhythm of time that were correlated  by observation of the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets which mirror the evolved  electrochemical biology of our human body and  its relationship to our Earth. 


Sunlight is the catalyst for  energy and movement of the body. The Sun fuels the growth of nature with the changing of the seasons. Time is spaced and divided by day and night. A calendar year is based off a rotational period around the Sun. We are all kosmologically influenced by its light.

Sunlight Circadian Rhythm Facial Mist will balance the Solar cycles of the body, mind and spirit. 


Moonlight is a time of communing with the ethereal eternal world inside ourselves and another. After the activity and motion of day, night is a time of replenishment, nourishment, and rest.  A moon also known as a  month was the first observation of time as movement,  as it waxes and wanes so do our emotions.

Moonlight Circadian Rhythm Facial Mist will balance the Lunar cycles of the body, mind and spirit.


The Transit of Venus is a deeper reflection of our inner relationship and our outer relationships that define the balance of the feminine and masculine parts of our psyche. Capturing such a scarce occurrence as the transit of Venus is as fragile as our love for ourself and our love for another. Observing the motions of Venus floating so closely to the Sun, is witnessing our own soul as it evolves, an elusive rare delicate and subtle moment. 

The Transit of Venus opened our perception to the size of our solar system, the observation of it helped determine the calculations of the size of the Earth and Sun. Leading to a greater understanding of the relationships between all the planets known of at the time.

Transit of Venus facial mist will open you to a greater perception of Love.