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Kosmologically Influenced offers a multitude of astrological readings for a creative look at the deepest recesses of your psyche through archetypal language. Symbols, words, and ideas, are images that resonate within our consciousness creating our beliefs,  but what about the archetypes that are creating an influence on the unconscious? These archetypes are a complex system of inner narratives reflecting and sometimes creating limiting beliefs and values that hold us back from our true souls desires and potential metamorphosis. Trauma of a mental, emotional, and psychical, nature can be carried from incarnation to incarnation accumulating in our mindstream thus impacting each decision and action. Opening ourselves up to these many parts of our psyche are the first step in the healing journey.

Kosmologically Influenced offers an array of chart interpretations for empowering your own healing process. Natal chart readings will always be the point on the map where you start your adventure. After that is an option for a 3 month or 6 month program that consists of an essential oil and flower essence ritual for a gentle voyage through our subconscious causation, then a softening of the residual traumas lodged in our cellular memories, and last a realigning with your spiritual self care. These healing modalities should be a part of a holistic system not the only applications in your personal journey.  Nutrition, counseling, shamanic guidance are pertinent to the healing process. Let Kosmologically Influenced be a part of your inner journey aligning you with the Cosmos.

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